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Student Testimonials

Five Element Healing is the most comprehensive and effective form of natural healing I have ever come across. It requires calling upon our deepest senses, and developing a relationship with nature, and the elements within nature, both for ourselves and our patients. Still in my first year of practice I can tell you that every day this work brings lots of amazement, what I like to call the small and big miracles. From my patients’ comments I can confidently say that this is a life-changing healing method, totally unrivaled.


The way Jaki teaches this form of healing leaves each student open to find their own individual medicines and therefore express themselves fully, and to their best abilities. I believe this is the most effective way, in turn, to bring healing and balance to another. Jaki has developed such relationships with Nature and Spirit that they are reflected in the way she brings us to this modality: with openness and respect, making room for the expression of each student’s individual connection to the elements, all the while making sure we follow a thorough methodology.


This healing approach is so natural, so simple, and makes so much sense that one cannot help but wonder why it has not been more fully embraced in North America …my wish is that as many people as possible get trained in this modality and as many patients as possible get touched by the beauty and harmony of the five elements.



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